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We are looking for people who have an intrinsic passion to serve, PPS Parking, Inc. trains each of our team members to be even better, recognizing their natural strengths and acknowledging them when they excel. Our team members are enthusiastic, display grace under pressure, and are meticulously attentive to detail.

We offer opportunities for growth and retain only the best of the best. While our entry-level associates don’t need a college degree to do what they do, they are safe-guarding a sizable investment of our guests, and they take that responsibility very seriously. We create a very positive and rewarding environment and our team members take pride in what they do, which results in our very low turnover rate, in which most of our team members stay with us a minimum of one year, 27% have been with us for over five years, and 21% have been with us for over ten years.

It’s easier to have a friendly, helpful, and motivated team member when they come right out of training and orientation, but the challenge is to keep them motivated six months later. We found that the rewards and reinforcement are clearly a fundamental factor, but the most important is our leadership.
We have great leaders who create an environment where our team members want to do their best and feel like they are adding value and contributing.

We provide extensive training, as well as team building events for all levels. Developing an overall sense of teamwork is very important to our success. We understand the importance of maintaining a result
oriented team and therefore have developed Team Building exercises and outings that build an effective, focused, and motivated team.


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