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We understand the importance of the first and last impression, as our guests judge the quality of the organization we serve by the responsiveness of the first and last person they come in contact with. It’s not so much about the Five Diamond Standards, but how those standards are delivered, which is why we select and train team members that are passionate about service and have the ability to personalize their interaction with our guests while maintaining their professionalism. Our valet team handles every situation in an efficient, professional manner that instills trust and respect, while keeping the traffic flow consistent, organized, and safe. Our team places our guests as their top priority, treating them and their vehicles with the utmost care and respect. It’s rewarding to know that we make our guests feel welcome and have made a positive difference for our clients.

State of the Art Technology:

PPS Parking, Inc. has partnered with Service Tracking Systems to provide State of the Art Technology that supports an efficient valet parking and guest service operation. Some of the benefits are name recognition, quick retrieval times, space allocation, banquet traffic accommodations, and hotel posting interfaces. It also reduces claims, maximizes employee performance and measures services levels.
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“Your valet staff went far beyond their call of duty to provide excellent service and show their genuine friendliness during the most busy of times. I left the hotel feeling like I had made multiple friends. Thank you for an amazing experience and give your valet staff a raise. They deserve it!”
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